IoT and omni-channel retailing will save Billions for Retailers

Imagine the ideal physical shopping experience: You enter the store and find it perfectly lit, temperature controlled, and welcoming. The floor plan is laid out in an intuitive and easy to navigate manner. Every item is appropriately stocked on the shelves and racks, in every size and every color the retailer carries. Staffing levels are appropriate for volume and the associates are empowered to answer any issues or questions you might have.


Through ground-breaking "Internet of Things" (IoT) technologies, this doesn't have to be merely imagination. It's possible.


The Internet of Things is happening now, transforming multiple industries. In this White Paper we examine the huge opportunites disruptive IoT technologies present for the retail industry by enabling a smart and connected omni-channel approach. 


How does omni-channel benefit retail?

  • Increased profits
  • Connected vendor channels
  • Real-time analytics and smart shelves
  • Improved ROI and efficiency
  • Stronger brand loyalty and consumer trust
  • High levels of customer service

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