Understand how IoT enables Predictive Maintenance, through our Use Case of Smart Manufacturing

Predictive maintenance promises to achieve levels of efficiency and safety on the factory floor never before seen in the current established best practices for systems and processes. Machine downtime is one of the biggest challenges on the production line. The current method of MRO (maintain, repair, operate) is far from what the optimum level of production can be. Real-time data offers better insights than pre-planned downtime, for example. So how is that data extracted and interpreted?



This whitepaper will show, through the examples of the connected factory and smart manufacturing, how businesses can achieve huge cost savings by implementing an IoT (Internet of Things) solution.


How does Predictive Maintenance enable Smart Manufacturing?

  • establish accurate baseline metrics
  • highlight specific bottlenecks
  • identify faulty machinery parts
  • ...and much more!

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