The Wunderbar is Part of IoT History

Please read carefully!

Dearest Customers, Users, Friends,


It’s the end of a WunderBar era, enter the Age of the Industrial Internet of Things!


The WunderBar IoT StarterKit for prototyping, was conceived in October 2013. The aim was to simplify the Internet of Things (IoT) and make data from things and sensors easily accessible to any developer to build their own IoT solutions using the relayr platform and our open SDKs and APIs. We aimed to make IoT “as easy and as fun as chocolate”.  It was crowdfunded in March 2014 and released to the market in October 2014. It sold thousands of times and enabled thousands of prototypes since then and many hundreds of you were our original supporters. We are extremely grateful to you for believing in us and joining us on this journey to enable the IoT.


Now, three years later, we at relayr have undergone intense growth, from 3 to more than 150 employees in 7 cities, 4 countries, and evolved far beyond our humble beginnings with the WunderBar. relayr is now focused exclusively on enabling the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) with our powerful cloud middleware, device management, open API and Professional Services. Now, enterprises and industries are using their own sensors and hardware to connect to our platform, to manage and connect millions of industrial machines, trains, elevators, industrial appliances and much more, to monitor and become more intelligent about the performance of their operations and businesses.


We now partner with industrial-grade technology companies like Intel, Dell, Cisco, Avnet, Qualcomm, GE, Bosch, and more, to facilitate the digital transformation of industries with our tools. And Munich Re, the world’s largest re-insurance company, is partnering with relayr to help insure business outcomes based on this iIoT Data for our clients.


So what does this mean for the WunderBar? In the past three years, the underlying hardware technology of the WunderBar has become not only outdated, but simply obsolete. That is the speed of technology today.  And most decisively, the security certificate, SHA-1, was deemed insecure and is no longer supported by international standards bodies as of Jan 1st 2017. The original WunderBar has thus come to an end. However, we have made the firmware available, and our SDKs are open, so should you so desire, feel free to add your own juice to the WunderBar to make it your own.


But we realize many of you were still using it, while many have matured beyond it to start building their own solutions! If you were still using it we would like to point out that we now have an alternative. And we would like to offer you a replacement for the WunderBar.

Since we're working with Intel in different initiatives, we recently released an industry-ready IoT Sensor Kit based on the high-performing Edison board, for Industrial IoT prototyping (Retail Price: €199).



This kit includes:

  • 1x Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Kit
  • 1x Arduino Base Shield (to connect the sensors easily)
  • External Power Supply
  • 6x Grove Sensors: IMU10DOF (4-in-1 accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer), water sensor, temperature sensor, buzzer (actuator), PIR motion sensor, luminance sensor. 

And we have put together a Software Development Kit in Python and Arduino to easily get started with the relayr Cloud.


We’d like to offer you this kit as a compensation for your inconvenience.


The offer is as follows:

  1. For all Currently Active Users with Active Projects, we can offer you an immediate exchange for free.
  2. For all other WunderBar owners: we can offer you a 25% discount off the €199 retail price. This is a limited offer until January 31st.

We can also offer this as a part of our larger IoT Industrial Prototyping Kit with a Dell Gateway and IoT consulting. You can find out about this by following this link to the IoT Acceleration Starter Kit.


If you would like to receive the IOT SENSOR Kit for your project, simply contact us via the form on this page.

Many thanks for all your patience, questions and support over the last months during this transition. We look forward to helping you build your Industrial IoT solutions in the future!

Your relayr Team

Request a replacement IOT sensor kit from relayr: